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Angelica Pasquali Cleaning Challenge

I’ve plogged in the past; I love plogging! What on Earth is plogging, you ask? Plogging is when you walk or run and pick up litter along the way. But right around the time quarantine took place, I wanted to make a difference with my newfound free time, but safely. Being a climate activist, I set out on a mission to pick up litter for a whole month!

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This all started with one daily walk

I decided to grab my gloves and a bag and pick up trash on my daily walk. Living in a small town, I did not expect to come back with an overflowing bag the first day.

Day 3, positive and hopeful

So, once I cleaned up the streets around my home, I headed out to popular spots in town

There, I picked up about 250+ cigarettes at the local lake.

Then I decided to tackle the harder areas

Such as this county road that took nine large garbage bags and several regular bags to clean up over the course of several days. That was a rough one. But it was satisfying to see it cleaner. The hope is that people won’t litter in a clean spot whereas they would in a spot that already has litter.

Throughout the month I got some help from friends!

I made a sign to wear on my back that gave some tough love

Litter is a serious issue

Because it washes away into our water system, it harms our wildlife, and it can even put the health of our loved ones at risk. Whether you set out with a large bag or just pick up three pieces of litter, it all matters.

Last day, yay!

I recently started my eco page

If you’d like to support it and join me on this sustainability journey!

Thank you to everyone who helps make the world a little cleaner

The best way to reduce litter is to create less waste. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle with habits like avoiding single-use plastics can create significant change! I hope this inspires others to have respect for our Earth.

My recap of the whole experience and the most interesting bits

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