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Fighting Cats

Live television definitely has its risks considering that the script is mostly out of the window. Surprisingly, the risk multiplies when it’s shot in the reporter’s safest place—home. That is, if the person has children or pets that aren’t aware of how serious the job is. As for the audience, various mishaps might result in a good dose of laughter. As it happened in this case.

When she conducted an interview on live TV, Filipino journalist Doris Bigornia thought it was going to be business as usual. Her cats, however, had a completely different idea that day. A 12-second video that has since gone viral shows the two cats, Bella and Nala, erupt into a sudden fight as Doris tries to maintain her composure.

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It’s no surprise that this chaotic and hilarious 12-second video garnered millions of views

After the video exploded on Twitter, Doris tweeted in response: “CHILDREN!!!! There is law in the studio!!!!” Her daughter Nikki also shared the video on her social media pages with a caption that said “MY CATS HAVE NO CHILL.”

When they’re not fighting, there’s plenty of time for cuddles

Here’s how people reacted to the video online

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