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Transparent Jigsaw Puzzle

As quarantine seems to be nowhere near its end yet and people are starting to wonder whether it’s been a couple of months, years, or decades already, it might be the perfect time to challenge your mind a little and get your hands on something challenging.

While some people turn to books or binging documentaries on Netflix, some start learning new languages and some get their hands on some good old puzzles. If you’re feeling like an ordinary jigsaw with a beautiful painting of a landscape is not challenging enough, we have a perfect challenge for you—a completely clear jigsaw puzzle that looks like shattered glass.

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This completely clear jigsaw puzzle called “The Accident” is the perfect challenge for all the puzzlers out there

Image credits: yelldesign

If your daily quarantine life ever starts seeming at least a bit too easy, there are some perfect jigsaw puzzles to make it challenging again. This “impossible” completely clear jigsaw puzzle made by YellDesign has 215 pieces and is called “The Accident” since it resembles shattered glass.

Each line and angle of this one-of-a-kind 215-piece puzzle is unique and was designed by hand

Image credits: yelldesign

While the 215-piece puzzle may not seem that challenging, this one has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Every single piece of the puzzle was designed by hand and is completely unique. It has everything from big chunks of clear acrylic to tiny, beautiful pieces and therefore the puzzle starts easy and gets progressively harder.

The $58 puzzle supposedly starts easy and gets increasingly harder as you progress

Image credits: yelldesign

The finished “accident” is 585mm x 555mm in size. If you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can get it on Yell Design’s website for $58.99.

If you’re after a more traditional-looking, yet still transparent puzzle, someone created this impossibly difficult puzzle

Image credits: LittleFlowerPotShop

However, if this puzzle seems too out there for you, there are some more traditional, yet equally “impossible” puzzles out there. We already featured this transparent jigsaw that has traditionally-shaped pieces and three different difficulty levels. The easiest one has only 9 pieces, the moderate has 25, and the hardest one consists of 49 pieces.

There are three difficulty levels and the prices start at $17

Image credits: LittleFlowerPotShop

Amazon is also selling a completely white 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. While the company states it’s an educational game that would make a perfect birthday or Christmas present, some people might argue and say it’s real nightmare fuel.

You can only get this completely white 1000-piece puzzle on Amazon for $20 and paint your own picture on it

Image credits: Tinyouth

Whatever jigsaw you choose, quarantine seems like a real puzzler’s renaissance

Image credits: Tinyouth

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