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Weirdest Post Ever – Dogs Doing Poo

Hoomans love their doggos, but let’s be honest, they can be nasty sometimes. Your furry boi or gal either gets all muddy after an improv session in muck or munches on some unidentified thingies on the street… you get it. Some things are better left unknown to us, and dog logic is one of them.

But when Facebook user Will Formico pointed out the fact that his puppo takes dookies in odd positions, the internet blew up. It turns out, Will’s dog isn’t the only one. People started sharing sightings of their dogs oddly squatting in do-not-disturb mode. Both explosively hilarious and utterly nasty, the pictures below document what’s likely to be a universal phenomena we yet have no explanation for.

After this person asked if anyone else’s dog does their business in odd poses, the internet blew up

Image credits: Will Formico

Image credits: Will Formico

Image credits: Will Formico

Image credits: Will Formico

Image credits: Will Formico

And people started posting pics of their dogs being busy in similar scenarios

Image credits: Andy Hess

Image credits: Angelica Richter

Image credits: Monica Magoon

Image credits: Alexandra Barker

Image credits: Myranda Roberson

Image credits: Ruth Holyoake

Image credits: Rachel Shetler

Image credits: Jordan Parkhurst

Image credits: Candida Patricia Araya

Image credits: Candida Patricia Araya

Image credits: Jodie Barnard

Image credits: Charly Skinner

Image credits: Julie Gilliland-Clover

Image credits: Alice Mim Howrad

Image credits: Aleksandra Leokadia Suchecka

Image credits: Jasmin Elli

Image credits: Trista Mae Jacobson

Image credits: Jordanna Bond

Image credits: Ashley Emmell

Image credits: Izzy Chetwynd

Image credits: Avigayil Spero

Image credits: Courtney Crisp

Image credits: Alexa R. Zajac

Image credits: Nicole Marie

Image credits: Lizzy Cullum

Image credits: Wanda Battisti

Image credits: Christina Medeiros

Image credits: Jamison Bergquist

Image credits: Or Daniel

Image credits: Kylie Lynn Beecher

Image credits: Kirsten Whaley Lowe

Image credits: Brandon Romero

Image credits: Lissa Mikayla

Image credits: Jason Flint

Image credits: Allie Cameron

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